Thought Of Avinash Kumar…

Vested interests are the main culprits behind the occurrence of communal tension. They willingly let the situation worsen with the collusion of authorities so that it may result in to a pogrom.
Despite knowing the fact that there would be many casualties of the footsoldiers and innocent civilians of the community they are feigning to represent, they keep provoking members of their respective communities to create a communal strife. They know that their loved ones and they themselves will be safe in their den. street footsoldiers and civilians are dispensables for them, whose casualties are just numbers for vested interests to further their propaganda and fuelling already worsened situation only. Those casulties will be termed as sacrifice and glorified to paint a picture suiting their narratives. In that pretext they only tend to serve their own futuristic goals.
Meanwhile, common men being carried on such propaganda and animosty-filled speeches tend to act as the puppets in the hands of masterminds. Vested interests get their sinister plot executed by exploiting and fuelling common men’s sudden rise of hatred and infuriation against so called rival community. Masterminds feel a sadistic pleasure when a pogrom arise and see it as a successful culmination of their hatemongering campaign and reap the fruits of it in the form of some ulterior goals fulfilled.
Meanwhile common men of rivaling communities exhaust their rage , hatred and frenzy to come to their normal senses after a span of few days but by that time they are already done with serving the ulterior motives of real masterminds. In the end, they are finally left to deal with their irreparable losses be it loss of lives or livelihood or permanent scars on their psyche against another community. None of the vested interests come for their solace in their mourning hours and no media which was once bent
upon making TRP on the violence-torn localities, dead bodies and burnt houses, shows the aftermath and plight of victims.
When the show is over, vested interests get themselves occupied rejoicing the gains of their dastardly acts and searching for other opportunities to spread their venom at some other places.
Common men will be buying their propaganda and hell will be chasing common men; and thus cycle goes on….

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